Thursday, February 16, 2012

Power of Vision

Got vision for life, love, laughter, or learning?  What's your standard for loving unconditionally?  Will you laugh out loud and enjoy what the world offers even when it hurts?  Are you teachable and open to learn new, exciting and even boring things?  Will you live life or let life live in you by manifesting the best of who you are through love, laughter, learning and living your vision?


bonadea said...

Life is learning....I have private jokes about myself that keep me giggling. If someone is embarrassed, and asks me what I'm laughing about....I reiterate my similar experience and we both laugh! I've laughed out-load til my sides hurt! Mentoring myself can be a can get pretty boring when I get a "brain freeze!" My "standard" for loving unconditionally, is we can laugh....we can play dress-up, or we can go get ice cream! Living with Vision means never letting my sobriety overide my creativity!

Anna "The Real McCoy" said...

Awesome point of view!